Grand Rapids, Michigan — SMG / SONY signs a deal with Denora to release her new<br>song COME AND TAKE ME.

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From the nightclubs of Cannes to the dancefloors of Europe’s hottest clubs, Denora’s melodic voice and hypnotic, Jazzy Riffs have garnered rave reviews from critics and music fans across Europe. With Denora’s new deal, the Cannes-based singer will soon gain wider exposure thanks to her new single ‘Come and take me,’ which has been released in a beautiful ballad format appealing to a wide variety of global audiences, including the US.


Denora was first discovered by music producer Alex Soddu and later, in 2018, a chance encounter with French music songwriter and producer, Phil Maruani, and his American partner Roxanne resulted in her most recent international single, “Come and Take Me” Maruani’s family owned the record label Trema, that first published the hit song “Comme d’habitude”, which later became the worldwide hit “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. This song was chosen as soundtrack in a new Italian movie produced by Mr. Piero Melissano in Italy that will be presented at a number of international festivals in 2020.


About Denora Cannes- and Monaco-based singer, saxophonist, composer and performer Denora enchanted music lovers across the European live club scene for years with her rich, jazzy vocals and saxophone melodies before becoming the darling of the dance music scene with a string of European indie chart hits.Denora was the only one in her family to pursue a career in music; She dreamt of being a singer since she was 6 years old. During her studies of vocals and the saxophone, acting and dance skills, Denora was a member of various professional music collaborations, jazz, pop, rock, rap and funk bands, creating her own distinctive music style. Denora has recorded 3 CD albums, one of them, jazz album "Voice and Sax", is available on Itunes. Her song “Forever” was the number 2 single in The European Indie Charts in 2018 and in the top 10 for several weeks.


Collaborations: Denora is endorser for EGR Ligatura from Spain that produce professional ligatures for sax and clarinet musical instruments In 2019 Denora management signed a collaboration with Annah Roxxah Fashion in Cannes. They create ready-to-wear and gorgeous evening dresses that celebrities wear during the famous film Festival in Cannes and other prestigious events...


Denora sings solo and has also sang with famous Spanish reggaeton singer Miguel Saez, former Universal and Warner artist, and together they created 3 songs: New Life, Dance Dance Dance, Shake it and others in production... Denora’s hypnotic voice, dance beats and energetic latino influence of Miguel Saez’s voice have been mesmerizing people across Europe together.


Denora and Miguel Saez are excited to bring their music to new corners of the globe with a recent deal that will brings her upbeat, dance-inspired rhythms and lyrics to new audiences in the US and beyond. Collaboration with Multi Platinum Producer Jimmy Jimnaze from Los Angeles Usa, working on new songs, including DEDICATE MY LOVE, BAYBEE and others...


This new collaboration will take Denora to an higher level of creativity thanks to the international talent of Jimmy Jimnaze already working with artists from Universal Music and other labels. Watch this space for another new collaboration in 2020 with a UK singer and producer working with Universal Germany and Warner Chapel Germany.


This will see Denora woking on duets featuring this top singer (As yet this collaboration is top secret but follow us for news.) Denora Discography 2013 EP VOICE AND SAX 4 songs :Mercy Blues, 69 Ways, I don’t know, Lullaby "Mercy Blues" reached 3rd place in top 10 radio chart in "City Blues Radio" USA, in competition with famous world stars as B.B. KING ….. 2015 BABY YOU with video published by CV Green, Italy SECRET PLACE in 3 versions published by Sinfony Life Records, Italy (written by Dhany, lead singer of Benassi Bros, singer of Every Single Day and other hits...) LOSE MY MIND published by Sinfony Life Records, Italy MY DREAM published by CV Music label, Italy 2017 EP DENORA 2 songs Forever and Needing you published by Clemmy Communication.


FOREVER with more than 650,000 views in Youtube and Top 10 in the Euro Indie Chart at 2nd place in January 2018 NEEDING YOU with more than 370,000 views in Youtube and Top 10 in the Euro Indie Chart December 2018 Pos. N 2, January 2019 Pos N. 1 for 4 weeks and followings weeks in top 10. 2018 THINKING ABOUT YOU published by Sinfony life Records with video. 2019 COME AND TAKE ME published by SMG/SONY Her video features professional dancers from the New Arcobaleno dance school, winner of Italian and International Latino dance contests.


2020 NEW LIFE - Denora feat Miguel Saez DANCE DANCE DANCE - Deora feat Miguel SHAKE IT - Denora featMiguel Saez, Thinking about you Club Remix – feat Dj Charlie Beck NEW LIFE R&B About Miguel Saez Spanish singer and composer, with energetic voice and carisma, he is considered one of the top reggaeton singers in Spain.


He has collaborated with different singers in Spain and was looking to find a professional female English singer to sing together with, when he met Alex who introduced him to Denora for their first collaboration in 2019. With this new duo collaboration the two singers recorded 3 songs to be released in 2020 New Life – Denora feat Miguel Saez Dance Dance Dance – Miguel Saez feat Denora Shake it – Denora feat Miguel Saez Other songs will be produced together in the near future... Miguel and Denora decided to play their songs together in concerts and events to let everybody see this amazing two together, the wonderful voice of Denora with the energetic voice of Miguel Saez are a real pleasure for all their fans worldwide Miguel Saez Discography ALBUM 1998 Miguel Saez – Album with 12 songs 2000 Que Locufa – Album 15 songs 2002 Dispàrame – Album 11 songs 2004 Mi Flow – Album 14 songs 2005 Mi Raeggaeflow – Album 16 songs 2006 La Vida Es Una Historia – Album 14 songs 2008 Sèptimo Asalto – Album 11 songs 2010 Metamorfosis – Album 12 songs 2011 A Contrarreloj – Album 11 songs 2014 1.0 – Album 10 songs In the last years Miguel saez did a lot of singles, just to remember some La Cazadora with more than 5 millions views on Youtube, Ponme la mano aqui, Farandula 2019...





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Her song "Needing You" was the number 1 single in The European Indie Charts 2019 for 4 weeks and in the top 10 for several weeks.

Denora - "Come And Take Me"

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